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Date of Birth: 09/09/2006
SAVA eyes cleared cataracts & glaucoma cert A1585
CERF eye clearance SH-349793
OFA SH-17687G28F-VP1 Hips certified Good

    Innisfree Shadow Warrior of Wolvereen HD00 (IMP USA)
  Wolvereen Shadow-of-Nanok
    Chukchis Bluelaceagate of Wolvereen
RBPIS Wolvereen Yukon Quest
    Ch Wolvereen Quest for Fire
  Sibra Made-by-re-Quest of Wolvereen
    Sibra Forget-Me-Not


October 2012: Yukon attends the US National and makes the final cut in the open dog class!
June to September 2012: With limited showing in Canada, Yukon is now 1 point from finishing his Canadian Championship.
12 May 2012 Yukon wins Best of Winners at Tyee KC on day 2.
7 April 2012 Yukon wins Best of Winners at the Regional specialty!!
3 March 2012 First time out since arriving in Canada, Winners Dog and his first Canadian points!
19 July 2009  Achieved the Speed Working Title, completing the mile (1.6km) in 3 minutes, 21 seconds.
21 June 2009 Yukon takes Winners Dog (major) at the Siberian Husky Specialty and completes his championship in style8 October '07 Best Junior, Group 1
27 October '07 Best Junior, reserve winners dog
21 October '07 BEST OF BREED, GROUP 1, Best Junior, Junior Group 1, Winners Dog (major)
2 September '07 Best Puppy and a total of 13 Best Puppy awards as Yukon reaches a year of age!
1 September '07 Best Puppy, Group 2, Winners Dog
31 August '07 Best Puppy, Group 1 and reserve winners dog
5 August '07 Best Puppy, Group 3 and marks his 10th best puppy!!!
4 August '07 Best Puppy, Group 2, reserve winners dog
5 May '07 Best Puppy
4 May '07 Best Puppy, Group 3
29 April '07 Best Puppy, Group 2
28 April '07 Best Puppy, Group 1 and reserve winners dog
8 April '07 Best Puppy, Group 2 and reserve winners dog
6 April '07 Best Puppy and Group 1 and reserve winners dog
25 March '07 Yukon wins Best Puppy and Group 3 at his 1st Championship show!