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17/11/1997 - 01/02/2010
SAVA eyes cleared cataracts & glaucoma cert 4804/4711

    CH. Innisfree's Brannigan
  CH. Innisfree Fire and Frost
    Innisfree's She-Ari
Innisfree Shadow Warrior of Wolvereen HD00
    CH (USA) Innisfree's Tradewind
  CH (USA) Innisfree Shades of Sienna
    CH (USA) Innisfree's Silve Harvest


Warrior was imported from Innisfree Kennels and is the son of top producer CH. Innisfree Fire and Frost. Because of exceptional bad luck Warrior's show career was stopped before it even got started when he got a haematoma in his right ear causing the cartiladge to fold. Two operations later with failure to correct the ear was the finale to his future in the show ring. His littermates however continue to do exceptionally well in the USA with his brother achieving an Award of Merit at Westminster in 2001. His progeny here in South Africa hold much promise and we are very hopeful for the future. His son Quest is an inbreeding and almost a replica of his father. Warrior is an outstanding specimen and thanks go to Kathleen Kanzler for sending us such an exceptional boy. See Warrior's brother AM/Can Ch Innisfree Flight of Fire.

I don’t think I will ever be lucky enough to meet such a powerful being again in my lifetime. You absence is tangible…. I miss you!