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17/11/1997 - 04/08/2009
SAVA eyes cleared cataracts & glaucoma cert A0441

    Ch (USA) Innisfree Fire and Frost
  Innisfree Shadow Warrior of Wolvereen HD00 (IMP USA)
    Ch (USA)Innisfree Shades of Sienna
Wolvereen Shadow-of-Nanok
    Chukchis Stitch In Time
  Chukchis Bluelaceagate of Wolvereen
    Chukchis Ruby


You were the strongest, bravest dog I have ever had the honour of sharing my life with! Run with that silver harness my boy!

Shadow arrived back home to his birth place six years later to live out the remainder of his life. Against all odds, whilst desperately ill he managed to sire a litter and is proud father to top winning youngster Wolvereen Yukon-Quest.


19 July 2009:  Achieved the Speed Working Title, completing the mile (1.6km) in 3 minutes, 21 seconds.