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Date of Birth: 07/09/2002
SAVA eyes cleared cataracts & glaucoma cert 0656

    CH (USA) Innisfree Fire and Frost
  Innisfree Shadow Warrior of Wolvereen
    CH (USA) Innisfree Shades of Sienna
CH Wolvereen Quest for Fire
    Innisfree Shadow Warrior of Wolvereen
  CH. Wolvereen In Free Spirit HD00 ED00
    Chukchis Bluelaceagate Of Wolvereen

Quest is now living in beautiful Naples, Italy with Giulia of Vanavara Siberians.  We wish Giulia all the best with our special boy and hope that he makes his mark in her kennel.



June '05 Quest achieves his speed working title.
Mini Grand Best In Show at East London KC under Mr W.Wakfer, Thank you for this prestigious win!
BEST OF BREED AND GROUP 2 & WINNER'S DOG (1 May 2004)!! No stopping us now!
Championed 24 April 2004!! Thank you to Mr D Bennet for recognizing Quest's outstanding qualities as a working and show siberian, awarding him the major that completes his championship. Quest has continuously proven his worth by finishing effortlessly by 19 months.
What a win! 28 March 2004 Quest took winners dog (major) under Brazilian judge Mr Degenhardt with an entry of 46 Siberians. He is now 2 points from finishing.
Best Junior and Junior Group 1 in Cape Town under Mr Long Doyle from Ireland.
BEST OF BREED AND GROUP 1 & WINNERS DOG. At just 12 months of age Quest acheived his first BOB and went on to win the group. Thank you to judge Mr R De Taranto for recognizing Quest's qualities.
Quest took Best Puppy both days this weekend in Natal and a group 2. Thank you to Mr N Kay and Mr M Landsberg for contributing to the continued success of this puppy.
Another Working puppy title for this awesome young man. Winning Best puppy under Mrs D Tutt and the working puppy group under FCI judge Mrs I Ostenk Schenk. Thank you judges for another fantastic win!
Quest goes Best Puppy in Show.... Thank you to Judge Mr R Dempsey for this wonderful achievement at the Quinera Working and Herding show held in East London 24 May 2003.
Quest went Reserve Best Puppy in Show on the 2 May 2003 under esteemed judge Mr Irving (UK) the current president of The Kennel Club (UK) Thank you for this fantastic win!