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Date of Birth: 13/09/2007
SAVA eye cleared cataracts and glucoma cert # A1584

    CH Indigo Arctic Symphony
  BPISS CH The Wild Card of Wolvereen
    BISS CH Wolvereen In Free Spirit HD00 ED00

RBPISS Wolvereen Gummi Bear

    Ch Wolvereen Quest for Fire
  Sibra Made-by-re-Quest of Wolvereen
    Sibra Forget-Me-Not

Permanently on Gummi Berry Juice! Sister to Baloo and Tookla.

Berry took part in the Animaltalk Top 32 SA Bred Invitational at the World of Dogs and Cats during July 2009 and was shortlisted to the Top 8 South African bred dogs!  Berry was the only Siberian Husky to be shortlisted to the top 16 before going on to the Top 8. A huge thank you goes to my friend Liz Norval for showing Berry whilst I was at work! We are so proud of this young girl who is currently the top winning Siberian bitch in SA.

March 2009: Berry required her last point at 18 months of age to achieve her Championship status; she did so at the very first show since turning 18 months. She has achieved a total of 13 CCs at this young age.


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10 April 2011 - Berry wins an Award of Merit at the Regional Siberian Husky Club of Canada Specialty!
25 September 2010 - Winners Bitch
24 September 2010 - Berry takes Winners bitch and Best of Winners to complete her Canadian Championship!
8 August Victoria City KC- Winners Bitch
7 August Victoria City KC- Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show under judge Maree MacKenzie (NZ) Berry also wins Best of Breed from the classes and Winners Bitch under Mr D. Eadie
6 August Victoria City KC- Winners Bitch
1-3 August Campbell River & Glacier View KC- Berry takes Winners bitch at all 4 shows
31 July Campbell River KC- Berry's first show back since going on maternity leave and her first show is Canada. She takes Best of Breed from the classes and is Winners Bitch under judge Margaret Jones. What a way to start her Canadian show career!


24 January 2010 - Best of Breed, Group 1 and Reserve BIS. Thank you judges Gerla Anderson & Joe Field.
24 October 2009 Best of Breed, Group 3.
17 October 2009 Best of Breed.
27 September 2009 Reserve Best of Breed.
6 September 2009 A third Best of Breed in one weekend with another Group 3! Go Berry!
5 September 2009 Berry wins back to back Best of Breeds at the Saturday shows in Grahamstown as well as a Group 3
28 August 2009 Berry wins Reserve Best of Breed.
22 August 2009 Berry was shortlisted to the finals for Dog of the Year and wins the CACIB at the Goldfield's FCI show.
1 August 2009 Berry wins BOB and Group 4
21 June 2009 Berry wins RBIS at the Siberian Husky Specialty
26 April 2009 Reserve Best of Breed, beaten by her half sister Cali for the BOB
29 March 2009 Berry achieves Winners Bitch, Best of Breed and Group 3
21 March 2009 Vereeniging KC Winners Bitch (Major)
Top CC Bitch for 2008 (out of the puppy class) and Supreme Siberian Puppy 2008
24 October 2008 W& H Breeds of the Cape- Winners Bitch
19 October 2008 Cape Town KC- Winners Bitch
7 Sept 2008 Queenstown KC Winners Bitch and Best Puppy, Group 2 in her last show as a puppy!
6 Sept 2008 Baakens W&H KC Winners Bitch
6 Sept 2008 Grahamstown KC Berry wins Reserve Best of Breed and the mini grand group 2. She also takes Winners Bitch, Best Puppy and a Group 3
31 Aug 2008 Winners Bitch
29 Aug 2008 Best Puppy, Group 2
22 June 2008 Reserve Best puppy at the Siberian Husky Specialty as well as winners bitch 2 point major!
21 June 2008 Best Puppy, Group 4 and 4th in the W&H Puppy of the year!
18 May 2008 Best Puppy, Group 1 and winners bitch!
29 March 2008 Best Puppy, group 1, Winners bitch (major) AND Reserve Best of Breed at 6 months of age!
22 March 2008 Berry Wins Best puppy at her first show out.
At the Northern Natal KC wins Best Puppy Group 3